Fix Face Unlock Not Working After Android 12 Update

Fix Face Unlock Not Working After Android 12 Update

A glitch usually happens after the Android 12 update that dismays many Android users, and it is face unlock not working. When this issue happens, an error message occurs, saying that “Can’t verify face. Try again”, or “re-add your face”.

When you encounter it on your phone, don’t get worked out because there are several fixes for it. These means are tackled in the article below.

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What Causes Face Recognition Issues On Android?

  • A protective case might be covering the front camera.
  • The user may be wearing sunglasses while using the face unlock feature.
  • A device administrator app could be active which disables the face unlock function.
  • Your phone might still be under the 72-hour restriction for use while you are attempting to access face unlock.
  • Changes on your face such as surgery or growing a moustache may make your face unrecognizable to face unlock.
  • Your phone might have bugs or other issues.

Ways To Fix Face Unlock Issues On Your Phone

Ways To Fix Face Unlock Issues On Your Phone

1. Reboot/ Restart your phone

A reboot or restart is basically an easy fix if small problems or bugs are getting in the way of your phone functioning. Before trying something complicated, begin with rebooting your phone to see if it corrects the issue.

For this step, push the power button for a few seconds until the power options appear on your screen. Then tap “reboot” or “restart”. When your phone is activated again, check if face unlock is now working. If the glitch persists, move on to another fixing option.

2. Turn off and then turn on your phone camera

It could be a malfunction on your phone camera that causes face unlock problems after you’ve updated your Android 12. When you implement this option, a message might show, indicating that “clean the top of the screen, particularly the black bar”. Do this as recommended. Verify as well if there are any software issues.

3. Reboot your phone via the “safe mode”

Rebooting your phone in safe mode sets it in an environment wherein only the necessary apps and services are running. In the same way, this method disables third-party apps that may be causing the problem.

  • What you should do is to long-press the power button so that the power off option appears.
  • Push and hold the power off button.
  • The safe mode option will then display signifying that your phone is now functioning on it.

4. Disable and enable the face unlock feature

Activate off and on your phone face unlock. This is one of the effective ways of fixing the pertinent problem.

  • You first open your phone settings.
  • Select the security option.
  • Choose face unlock then tap “disable”.
  • After 5 to 10 seconds, re-enable the face unlock feature.

5. Clear the app data and cache

A large amount of cache data may have accumulated on your phone that in turn hinders the proper working of your Android 12 face unlock function. You thus have to clear it by doing the following:

  • Proceed to “settings”.
  • Select “apps”.
  • Go to the top right corner and tap the 3 dots. Tap the “Show System Apps” option.
  • Navigate into each app, and click “storage”, then choose “Clear data/cache”.

6. Check for a new Android OS update

Is there a new Android OS update available? Check for it. In the OS update, you’ll find new patched versions wherein all previous problems have been fixed. In fact, there has been a recent release of a new Android 12 update. Verify this and see if it is available on your phone. The steps for doing this are:

  • Going to the phone settings.
  • Selecting “about phone”.
  • Tapping “system update”.
  • If an update is on hand, you can download and install it on your phone.

7. Reset the Android face unlock function

If all of the above options are ineffective, try resetting the face recognition feature.

  • Navigate to phone settings.
  • Look for the security option.
  • Select “face unlock”.
  • Go over the registration process and confirm if the feature is now working fine.

Reset your phone to factory settings

The last option suggested is to do a factory resetting of your phone. All issues will be corrected if you do this step. Take note that your device will revert to the initial stage and all data in it will be removed if you do this procedure.

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Scroll down through this option and locate/select Back-up and reset.
  • Tap on “Factory data reset”.
  • Choose “reset options” and proceed to “erase all data”.

Crucial files on your phone could get lost in the process. If you want to recover any of them, you can download an Android recovery tool.

Final Thoughts

One and any of the above-recommended solutions are apt to work. These ways of fixing face unlock not working after Android 12 update are reliable. Issues with Android phones happen from time to time, but you can reduce stress over them by downloading an automatic tool for fixing Android-based issues.

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