Customise Your Samsung Phone To Make It Feel Like New

How To Customise Your Samsung Phone To Make It Feel Like New – 8 Ways

Your smartphone is your personal belonging, and you’ll want to turn it into something that embodies your identity. It ought to signify your distinctive taste and style while being convenient to use. Just like decorating your house, you’ll want your handy possession to always look beautiful and always new.

So how do you do it?

If you own a Samsung smartphone, you must have known that it is a premium device. Some of the major aspects that make it so is its customisation features. If you don’t know yet, you should be aware of how amazing this brand is, and this article will guide you in customizing your Samsung phone so that it will look and feel as good as new.

What Are Simple Ways Of Customizing Your Samsung Phone?

What Are Simple Ways Of Customizing Your Samsung Phone

1. Clean the screen by hiding the navigation button

It is basically easier and sensible to use swipe gestures on your phone instead of the on-screen navigation bar. In this case, you should get rid of the latter. Activate your Samsung device’s navigation bar by going to “settings”, choosing “display”, tapping “navigation bar” and then selecting “swipe gestures.

The navigation handle at the lower part of the screen can be hidden, and you do this by disabling the “gesture hint” toggle. Doing this prevents any UI elements from interrupting your screen and in turn makes it appear clean and organized.

2. Declutter it by using edge panels

Utilize edge panels to sort out your screen. These are where you can store your most-used apps so that they won’t take up a lot of space on them. It will eliminate crowding on this front feature of your phone.

Edge panels can be enabled on your device by going to “settings”, then “display” and toggling on “edge panels”.

3. Add a big Google clock widget

This feature can be an attractive display on your home screen so that it sports a bold Pixel 6-like design. Although you have several options from the Samsung clock, it is smarter to opt for Google clock widgets because they look better.

Install a Google clock widget on your home screen by long-pressing a vacant space on it and then select “Widgets” and then “clock”

Work the drop-down menu then hold down the Stacked widget and position it on your home screen. Go for the transparent clock style option.

Adjust the size of the widget so that it fits exactly on your home screen.

4. Keep the app icon labels hidden

Hiding the labels of your app icons is another way of prettifying your phone. You might have noticed how app labels are unnecessary and distracting on your screen, so you can do away with them. Instead, rely on identifying the apps through their logo.

Use the Good Lock app to perform this task. On that app, locate the Home Up module, then select “home screen”. Proceed by toggling on “Hide app icon label”. This will automatically clean up your home screen.

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5. Make your app drawer layout uniform

This is done by navigating to the Good Lock app, choosing the “Home app” module, selecting “home screen”, tapping “Apps screen grid” and modifying the grid to 4×7 precisely.

After doing those steps, go back to “home” and draw up the app drawer. You’ll like how better it will look because the apps become evenly spaced from one another.

6. Modify your current app’s layout

The way your phone displays recent apps can be modified, and you do this via the Good Lock app. You first navigate to the Home Up module and then select “task changer”. A set of options will show under Layout type, and these include List, Grid, Stack, Vertical List and Slim List.

Whichever you choose, a small preview of it will appear so that you’ll have an idea of how it will look. A good recommendation is Stack because it is user-friendly and seamless.

7. Hide apps that you rarely use

On average, there are about 30 to 40 apps that are installed on a smartphone, and many of them are seldom or even rarely used. They are not utilized on a daily basis.

To make your smartphone look sleek and nifty, hide the apps that you don’t operate. Store them away from your app drawer. This will be very functional on your part because it makes it easier to locate your desired apps. You wouldn’t need to do a lot of scrolling or swiping to find them.

The steps to do this are to primarily look for an empty space on your home screen and then long press. Below, you’ll find “settings”, and tap it. Proceed on to selecting “hide apps” and choose the apps that you want to store away. After doing this, you’ll feel relieved to navigate an organized and manageable app drawer.

8. Set pop-up style when opening your folders

Typically, the folders and the app drawer fill up the whole screen when you open them. This is rather inconvenient because it doesn’t allow you to operate your smartphone with one hand.

Set your folders to open in pop-up style using the Good Lock app. Go for this option instead so that you prevent them from occupying the whole screen when doing so. Look for the Home Up module, select “folder” and enable “pop-up folder”. If you want, you can adjust the appearance of the folders from each menu.

Do you want to go majorly minimalist? It isn’t practical, but you can use folders throughout your screen. All you have to do is keep your most-used apps in one folder then move them over to the “favourites bar”. Your home screen will look astonishing when it is combined with a big Google clock widget.

Final Thoughts

You can design your smartphone to become intuitive. Technology doesn’t have to be obtrusive. Artsiness can be incorporated into your device by choosing a beautiful wallpaper that isn’t distracted by the app labels.

If you’re a control freak, you can design your on-screen navigation in a way that it becomes functional and convenient. No messy or congested app drawers.

Getting particular and a bit nosey about customizing your Samsung phone can go a long way in giving you a pleasant and seamless experience when using your device that looks super attractive and good as new.

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