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Providing you with the very best Bolton Laptop Repair service! We also provide you with PC repairs and screen replacements. Hi Techfones based in Bolton!

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Laptop Repair and Laptop Screen Replacement Shop in Bolton

We are Bolton laptop repair experts and can fix anything such as a smashed laptop screen! We have been providing fast computer fixes in Bolton for over 12 years. And are one of the top Bolton phone shops. There is no broken laptop that we can’t fix! No fix no fee.

We offer fast service and will more than likely have it fixed whilst you wait in our Bolton store!

We offer repair services such as;

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Laptop?

The cost will depend on the severity of the laptop problem. For example, there may be issues with laptop software. Or, the may be a problem with the laptop hardware. Nevertheless, we will find the problem and give you the best price possible to fix your laptop.

Is A Laptop Worth Repairing?

Yes, a laptop is worth repairing if the price is right. If you want iMac repair, or for example an expensive Asus laptop repair, then you, of course, will want to be fixed. However, if your laptop is over 7 years old and there are lots of problems, we will tell you if it is worth fixing or not.

Should I Replace My Laptop With A New One?

We will be honest and tell you if it’s worth replacing your old laptop with a new one. However, 9 times out of 10, we always fix a customer’s laptop.

What Type of Laptops Do We Repair?

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We repair a range of computers, games consoles and laptop devices. So we can assure you, there is no laptop component level we won’t fix. Which is why we’re known for being one of the top laptop repair Bolton shops!

Maintaining Your Laptops Tips

If you own a laptop, you know how important it is to get your laptop fixed. Many people can’t go anywhere with their laptops because they are always in need of repairs. However, here are some tips for getting your laptop fixed, regardless if you need your laptop fixed now or in the near future

First, be aware that when you are travelling with your laptop that you should always carry extra battery packs and cords so that you never run out of power or cord. If you want to carry everything you need, then you will need a laptop bag. If you don’t have one, or if you don’t feel comfortable carrying a laptop bag, there are still some other options that you have when travelling with your laptop. For instance, you can always bring your charger and plug adapter with you so that you never lose the power that is needed in order to power up your laptop.

Second, always check with your local airports and hotels before you leave to make sure that your laptop repair is covered by your rental policy or travel insurance. Be sure to check with both the hotels as well as your local airlines as to what kind of coverage they provide.

Third, never ever leave your laptop with someone else if you have to go to a repair shop for your laptop repair. This goes for your own laptop as well, especially if you are not sure if you have already replaced the battery or you do not have any extra batteries to keep the laptop charged up.

Fourth, never throw away your laptop while you are gone. When you are at work, make sure that you can return your laptop immediately to get your laptop back when you get home, or if you are traveling, make sure that you make it a habit to return it immediately to any place that you use your laptop.

Expert in Software, and Laptop Hardware Repair

Give your laptop a new lease of life with laptop repair bolton. We believe in professionalism and ensuring your laptop is repaired quickly, efficiently and providing you with a high quality service for your money. We endeavor to offer a fast turnaround and have all parts available to repair laptops same day if dropped off during opening hours. Our company is built on excellence; our team are highly experienced, passionate about what they do and determined to give you the most cost-effective repair possible. For genuine value for money, speedy service you trust – get in touch with us today!
Here are some handy guides for you;
We also offer PS4 repair and Xbox One repair.

Why Choose Us?

When we set up our store in 2008 our goal at Hi-Tech Fones & Computers was clear: to become the best Mobile Phone and Computer Store in the Bolton, Bury and Wigan area. Known as one of the top Farnworth phone shops. To do that, we provide an unrivalled selection of the best quality parts and extraordinary customer service. Our comprehensive warranties and professional support ensure our customers’ total satisfaction even after their order/repair is complete.

We strongly believe that honesty and transparency in our line of work is vitally important therefore we undertake most of the repairs in front of our customers for their peace of mind. This practice is very rare to observe in the industry which has been a reason amongst others for our success over the years and has lead to the popularity of our business to the new heights. We also easy accessible from places like Bury, Walkden, Farnworth and Horwich Bolton.

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