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Data Recovery Bolton

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Data recovery is the process of restoring inaccessible or damaged data from storage media. It encompasses activities usually performed by a computer forensic expert after a storage device has suffered physical damage, or has been corrupted in some way, perhaps by an operating system bug. … Due to limitations in the size of optical media, disk capacities continue to increase rapidly. Backups must be done regularly to avoid losing data.

The data recovery process may involve overwriting the existing data with new information, deleting a file by replacing it with a blank space or recovering the readable content of deleted files. Data recovery may be used to restore accidentally damaged or incomplete data. In particular, if your computer has crashed, the data on it may still exist on your hard drive(s) but will need to be recovered.

It’s bringing back all the photos, music, documents and other personal files you thought were gone forever. Storage device failure, human error or even manufacturing defects can cause data loss. But whatever the reason, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind when the data you need is safe, secure and available again.

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What Causes of Data Loss

Many people mistakenly think that data loss is caused by computer viruses, hacking or malware when, in fact, most data loss occurs as a result of human error. It is also less costly to avoid data loss altogether than to repair the damage after a breach occurs.

Human error, rather than malicious attacks, was the cause of most of the data loss from incidents reported to the U.K.’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in 2016. In total, 2 per cent of U.K. businesses reported data breaches to the ICO that year. Three-quarters of these were caused by human error — for example, sending a sensitive document to the wrong person — rather than hacking or malware attacks.

All computer data-files, stored in the Windows Registry and elsewhere on a computer can be lost or deleted for a number of reasons. There are many events and circumstances that will cause data loss or corruption. Some of these include programs freezing up or terminating abnormally, physical damage to hard drives, spills (coffee, water…) damaging computer components, accidental deletion of files or entire directories, firmware corruption (software failure), power outages and surges, malicious software (viruses and other malware), worms such as Netbus, using outdated drivers, badly configured disks or partitions containing no empty space, bad deletions of files which

With over 20 years of experience in the data recovery field, we have specialists standing by ready to help you with any recovery need. Our state-of-the-art equipment coupled with our commitment to quality will give you the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

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Hi-tech Fones is a leading laptop repair Bolton shop. We repair all makes and models of laptops. Whether it’s a broken screen, faulty USB or HDMI port, charging port, damaged hinges or motherboard issues. We can repair all of the above. We also offer windows installation, virus removal and upgrade services at the most competitive prices


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When we set up our store in 2008 our goal at Hi-Tech Fones & Computers was clear: to become the best Mobile Phone and Computer Store in the Bolton, Bury and Wigan area. Known as one of the top Farnworth phone shops. To do that, we provide an unrivalled selection of the best quality parts and extraordinary customer service. Our comprehensive warranties and professional support ensure our customers’ total satisfaction even after their order/repair is complete.

We strongly believe that honesty and transparency in our line of work is vitally important therefore we undertake most of the repairs in front of our customers for their peace of mind. This practice is very rare to observe in the industry which has been a reason amongst others for our success over the years and has lead to the popularity of our business to the new heights.

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