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7 Reasons Why You Might Need to Unlock Your Phone

Phone bills. It can be a headache to deal with them sometimes, especially when your phone is locked. After all, you’re bound to your network’s contract, and there’s no other way to change your sim. If you want to, then you have to check with your mobile phone network company.

If only there was a way to lessen your bills while using the service of your mobile phone network.

This is actually possible if you’re willing to buy an unlocked smartphone. Via these means, you then ought to know the reasons why you might need to unlock your phone.

For one thing, carriers now offer cheaper plans for smartphones, and among them are prepaid plans. Having one can cut your monthly phone bills in half. But what if you’re currently under contract? Can you, in any way, request your carrier that you switch to a prepaid plan? Definitely, the answer to this is “no”, or you should pay a significant fee.

However, US law now allows the unlocking of carrier-locked cellphones. The reason for this is that the Federal Telecommunications Commission wants carriers to have increased competition among themselves and so that consumers can better control what they will purchase. That’s why nowadays, it’s very easy to unlock a smartphone.

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So what are the main reasons why you might want to unlock your smartphone?

Why Choose An Unlocked Smartphone?

1. You’ll avoid heavy charges from your carrier

The charges imposed by a carrier can be onerous if you’re on a contract. You would initially think that you’ll save on costs if you’re sealed to a two-year contract, but that is not usually the case. If you buy an unlocked cellphone you will have to pay an expensive upfront price, but you’ll be spared from early termination fees. You also obtain the mobile service that you deem best for you.

2. You’ll have more choices for your phone brand and modelphone brand options

You get to choose which phone make and model will be in your keeping, considering that it’ll be with you for quite some time. So while someone signing a contract with T-Mobile might be interested in a phone that AT&T offers, you will not have the same qualms. The best of both worlds is yours to enjoy because you’ll have more choices for your handset.

3. You can shop for a plan that suits your budget

The choice is truly yours when your phone is unlocked, and for another thing, you can select the best-priced plan for yourself. Carriers, for the most part, have similarly priced plans, but these giant companies are unlike T-Mobile or Sprint deliver cost-efficient deals.

4. Vendors are selling unlocked versions of their phones

It’s not at all tricky to unlock a smartphone, but the nicest thing is that smartphone makers are also selling unlocked versions of their products. As an example, there’s Apple that sells unlocked variants of their iPhones. Then again, a caveat is that they are more expensive compared to their subsidized counterparts acquired with a two-year contract.

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5. You’ll have more options for choosing a carrier

The big four are central when people talk about the wireless industry. Namely, these are Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Nonetheless, you might want to opt for a regional carrier that operates all across the US and offers better service in one way or another. These regional companies would welcome you to avail of it using your unlocked cellphone.

6. Security is not a problem

Contrary to what many smartphone users believe, your phone security is not at all compromised if it is unlocked. Having your handset unlocked doesn’t mean that it is less secure. Having an open cellphone does not impact its safety features. What causes security problems are jailbreaking, and it should not be confused with unlocking.

7. You can change service if it no longer works

The major drawback of being sealed into a two-year contract with your carrier is that they often modify and update their services and plans. You’ll have to keep up with these changes even if they wouldn’t serve you well. The difference with having an unlocked handset is that you can easily get out of a service if it no longer works for you.


The above 7 main benefits of using an unlocked cellphone allow you to mull over if it is the aptest option for you. Depending on your needs, budget and preferences, you can determine if you should subscribe to a contract plan or else buy an unlocked handset upfront.

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