Ways to Protect Your iPad

11 Ways to Protect Your iPad Inside & Out

The iPad, or the tablet, in general, is a popular gadget nowadays. You can virtually find people using them every day- in the coffee shop, in school, at the department store or the book club, among others. 

Chances are, you tag your iPad along with you in many places. But you wouldn’t want it to get lost or broken, that’s why you need to be aware of how to protect your iPad inside and out.

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Below are some tips about it;

How To Protect Your iPad Inside and Out

The iPad is integrated with its own privacy and security protection tools. In this case, you have to utilize and activate them on your device. Your data and privacy can completely be protected through its built-in security features. These guarantees that only you and not anyone else can access your iPad and iCloud data.

In the same way, you have the option to limit what information you can share, and where you can do that. The practices below will allow you to optimize the installed security and privacy features of the iPad.

  • Lock it with a strong passcode

This is the most important thing you can do by far to safeguard your tablet. Set a sturdy and inviolable passcode to lock and unlock it.

  • Utilize the face ID or the touch ID features

Other than being convenient, the face ID and touch ID aspects of your iPad are also secure ways of unlocking your device. These tools are likewise used in authorizing your purchases and payments online, as well as to authenticate your sign-ins in various third-party apps.

  • Activate “Find My iPad”

If your iPad got lost or has gone missing, the Find My function can help you locate it. It prevents other people from using or even activating your tablet if it comes into their possession.

  • Manage the security of your Apple ID

Through your Apple ID, you’ll be able to get hold of your iCloud data along with your account information for the App Store, Apple Music and other services of the like. There are many ways of securing your Apple ID, but the most crucial one to note is to never share it with anybody. If the need be, you can set one or a few people to be your Account Recovery Contacts.

  • If available, resort to using sign In with Apple

Plenty of apps and websites give you the option to use Sign In with Apple if you set up accounts with them. The perks of this feature is that it restricts the information that is shared about you. Using your original Apple ID, your security is ensured by applying the 2-factor authentication process, too.

  • Is Sign-In with Apple not available? Let your iPad generate a strong password for it

When signing up for a website, app or certain services, let your iPad create a strong password that you don’t need to remember.

  • Activate two-factor authentication via the built-in authenticator

In case you need to visit particular apps or websites that apply two-factor authentication, your iPad will inherently generate verification codes on it, and without waiting for an SMS or some apps to do it.

  • Keep your personal email address hidden

You can make use of the Hide My Email feature wherein your iPad will be able to produce unique and arbitrary email addresses that redirect to your personal email account. Hide My Email is available if you subscribe to iCloud+. So when you fill out forms or subscribe to newsletters online, there’s no need for you to divulge your personal email address.

  • Cover your iPad to protect it from damage

In a matter of days, an iPad can be manufactured, but it only takes a few seconds to have it damaged or broken. You can protect your tablet from these scenarios by covering it. To start with, you can buy an Apple Smart Cover to guard your iPad. Then again, as a mere piece of pliable plastic, it may not be able to shield your device if it falls to the ground.

It is more sensible to invest on a screen protector, and look for quality when purchasing one.

  • Shield your device with a good quality casing

If clumsy children or oblivious adults are in the scenario, opt to buy a case for your iPad. If you’re going to take it with you camping, it makes sense to spend extra money on an all-terrain survival case.

  • Store your iPad and keep it in a safe place

With a pricey case, you’ll have no qualms about taking your tablet to the beach, but in an instant, its screen can be damaged if you don’t store it securely. When not in use, keep your device in a safe place. This definitely means not on the couch where you eventually fall asleep after reading. With the risk of rolling over it, you might wake up to a smashed iPad.


Keeping the above tips in mind, you can safeguard your tablet and enjoy using it in good condition for a hefty amount of time.

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