Do iPhone Screens Break Easier than Android

Do iPhone Screens Break Easier than Android?

Over the years, and recently, smartphones have grown in quality, particularly in terms of durability. 

However, the majority of flagship brands are made of glass. A solid glass of different versions is utilized to cover the front and back aspects of these devices. 

Wireless charging is a common feature of most phones, that’s why their backs have to be made of glass or plastic material. What about smartphones that are made of glass? Apparently, under the most accordant conditions, they run the risk of breaking or cracking. 

At certain times, phones made of glass may be able to survive accidental drops. Then again, these glass screens are not unbreakable because no glass technology so sturdy as this has yet been incorporated in smartphones.

This scenario is exemplified by the iPhone 13 drop tests that were conducted and shown on YouTube following immediately the release of these phones in stores. It was basically the more pricey iPhone 13 versions of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max that were made as subjects. But if you’re using the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13, you can apply the same conclusions.

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What Is The Build Quality Of iPhone 13 Smartphones?

The same extensive design comprises all iPhone 13 models. Their flat screen components are enclosed by Ceramic Shield glass tech. Their flat-sided middle frame consists of surgical-grade stainless steel for the Pro models while those of the cheaper iPhone 13 versions are made of aerospace-grade aluminium. The glass on their back portion has a prominently protruding camera module, specifically designed for iPhone 13 Pro as well as 13 Pro Max.

Water-resistant capability is likewise incorporated on all iPhone 13 models for up to 6 meters deep and lasts for around half an hour. MagSafe wireless charging is possible for these devices due to their rear-facing magnets. Details such as these are especially considered pertaining to extended warranty, damage insurance and protective accessories. 

One bad smartphone mishap and the water-resistant capability of your iPhone can be kaput, or its internal components can be awfully damaged.

Do iPhone 13 Screens Easily Break? Drops Tests To Show

iPhone 13 drop tests were indicated by the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro to show the durability of these phones. The devices were dropped from various heights, falling onto smooth surfaces.

When the handset was dropped from a regular height, it did not incur damage, although some scuffing has appeared on its stainless steel frame. At the head height, the glass components on the front and back of the phone may have survived, but the screen of the iPhone 13 Pro, which is smaller was shattered.

Taking the test to the extreme, the YouTuber went 10 feet, and this was out-of-the-ordinary for a drop test. No device to date is equipped to withstand this impact. Apparently, all iPhone 13 models that went through it suffered damage.

Standard Drop Tests For iPhone Handsets

YouTube channel PhoneBuff, on the other hand, conducted an iPhone 13 drop test that is standardized. It used the same robot as in other tests to drop only the iPhone Pro Max, setting it side by side with the Galaxy 21 Ultra, its most prominent rival.

A slightly higher height of 1.5 meters or 4.92 feet was set up by PhoneBuff for the iPhone drop test, having the device fall on an uneven concrete surface, unlike the smoother one arranged by EverythingApplePro.

Both the rear glass of the Galaxy 21 Ultra and the iPhone 13 Pro Max phones got broken on the initial drop. Nevertheless, the stainless steel frame sides of the iPhone survived compared to the aluminium chassis of the Ultra.

When it comes to the display, that of both smartphones cracked. Conclusion garnered by PhoneBuff via this drop test stated that Galaxy S21 did marginally better than Pro Max.

What Are The Conclusions?

Primarily, they were the same as last year. Drop tests signify that iPhone 13 smartphones have a durable and quality built, and they can contend against accidental drops that are from lower heights. The type of surface wherein the phone falls, whether smooth, hard or uneven, is a crucial factor, too. 

The glass components of iPhone devices are highly likely to crack if they are dropped from higher heights and more rugged surfaces. It is worth noting that iPhones can still function even if their glass gets broken, but to some extent, they need to be taken in for repairs.

There are options and alternatives for preventing and alleviating the damage caused by drops or accidents on your iPhone. For one thing, you can have your handset enclosed in a case and screen protector. Being foreign components, they may ruin the design of your sleek iPhone, but they are the most practical solutions for avoiding accidental damage to the screen feature and the rear glass board of your device.

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